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Bacteria Set (71 bottles)
Bacteria Set (71 bottles)
This set contains all 71 bottles from the bacteria category at a 20% discounted price. To purchase individual bottles from this set, for plate zapping, homeography or syncrometer testing purposes, please use the "individual bottle" lists below.
RRP: €532.50
Our price: €355.00
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Individual bottles

  Product name Price Quantity  
3 Clostridia (C. bot., C. tet, C. perf.) €7.29 Add to cart
3 Salmonella & Flu €7.29 Add to cart
3 Salmonella (S.ent, S. typh, S. para) €7.29 Add to cart
3 Shigella (S. son, S. flex, S. dys) €7.29 Add to cart
Bacillus anthracis €7.29 Add to cart
Bacillus cereus €7.29 Add to cart
Bacillus licheniformis €7.29 Add to cart
Bacillus subtilis €7.29 Add to cart
Bacteroides fragilis €7.29 Add to cart
Bordetella pertussis €7.29 Add to cart
Borrelia burgendorferi €7.29 Add to cart
Campylobacter fetus €7.29 Add to cart
Campylobacter jejuni €7.29 Add to cart
Clostridium acetobutyricum €7.29 Add to cart
Clostridium botulinum €7.29 Add to cart
Clostridium butyricum €7.29 Add to cart
Clostridium difiicile €7.29 Add to cart
Clostridium haemolyticum €7.29 Add to cart
Clostridium novyi (A & B) €7.29 Add to cart