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Bottle Copies

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Bottle Copies

We manufacture and supply worldwide a broad range of the highest quality, anatomical, pathological and toxicological specimens as bottled energetic samples. Our collections have been prepared for professional energetic medicine practitioners and their clients, particularly those interested in the therapy of Dr Hulda Clark.

The “Bottle Copies” we produce are amber glass bottles, filled with pure filtered water, that have been electrically charged with the energetic signatures, frequencies or patterns of physical specimens such as: vitamins; herbs; toxins; heavy metals; anatomical or microbiological samples. Almost any physical item can be made into a “Bottle Copy” using techniques similar to those used to make homoeopathic medicines. The important point is that these bottles contain no physical specimens. The contents are simply pure filtered water, making them safe to transport and safe to work with in various complementary therapies.
Dr Clark’s Recommended Source

Operating since 2001, after the company’s founder studied with Dr Hulda Clark at her clinic, we have constantly sought to improve the quality of the master samples we produce, and to expand our range in keeping up to date with her latest research. As a result of this dedication to quality and range of samples, in 2006, Dr Clark published our details as her recommended source for all “Bottle Copies”, a role which we are honoured to fulfil.
Further Information

For advice on the storage of “Bottle Copies”, how to copy our Master samples, and answers to many Frequently Asked Questions please CLICK HERE.

Legal Disclaimer

Our staff are not qualified to provide you with medical advice. Before making use of any of our products, please contact your doctor. To assist discussions with your doctor, the “Dr Clark Information Center” provides various information resources, including a shortlist of experienced therapists. Links to some of these resources are provided from our “Frequently Asked Questions” page. However, please note that in accordance with our full “Terms & Conditions”, Bottle Copies exercises no control over the content of external websites and therefore assumes no responsibility for your use of that content.

The "Bottle Copies" sold on this website contain distilled water only. The water has been subjected to a non-material process, similar to processes used to produce homeopathic remedies, which is believed by some researchers to imprint a subtle energy signature into the water. The presence of this signature cannot be confirmed by chemical or standard testing. No claim is made with regard to the effect of the reputed imprint.

These articles are not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man or other animals. Not for oral consumption. For experimental and research purposes only.